No Safe Place to share on the Internet 

I share on my blog.

I share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snap Chat. 

And I don’t feel like I have a safe place to say things that really matter to me. I don’t feel like I have a safe place to share my point of view on police brutality in America. I don’t feel like I have a safe place to share how I feel about the black lives matter or blue lives matter or LGBT issues that matter because they all matter to me.

Because I acknowledge that we all have different opinions and perspectives but no one seems to want to have a dialogue or even be open to why I feel the way I feel. I get it you are a part of the majority, heck I am too demographically speaking but there is a good chance we don’t have the same opinion.

There are 2 people I totally confide in.

When the majority of the people that surround you don’t think the same way about a situation it’s hard to find the confidence to voice your opinion. I also respect these opinions held by people I’m connected with online, while they have no problems telling the world how they feel will I be ostracized for disagreeing? Will my perspective become a source of disruption to my friendship or family relations? Will I become the butt of every family joke? Will my feeling be discounted for not being the same as yours? Will you try to use the Bible to justify the way you understand the situation? Will you use race to say it’s ok?

All in all. I’ve learned there is no safe place to truly share on the internet.

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