Wear it Wednesday| The Layering Rule

If you take a look at almost any flat-lay on Instagram or Pinterest or scroll through any of the fashion pins on Pinterest or follow any fashion bloggers you’ll notice one thing in every, single one of them: their outfits are completely done. They never look lacking in anything – totally and fully put together.

Don’t you wish you could dress like that from day to day?
I have good news for you: You can! Just use this simple tip…
wear it wednesday three piece
Three pieces is magic. Create an outfit with three key pieces: Top, bottom and the THIRD piece.
The third piece can be one of three things:
Lightweight layers. If you live in a colder climate, it’s easy to add a sweater or cardigan and be comfortable – but if you live in a warmer climate it’s not as easy to do so. If you’d like to add a lightweight layer, consider tying a plaid button up around your waist to get a complete look, or choose a sweater with short sleeves, a lace duster or a kimono to keep things airy and comfortable but still look pulled together.


Accessories can consist of statement necklaces, belts, hats, and scarves – all things that are easy to add to an outfit that you already have a third piece on. The key to adding accessories is to not over-do it. Something I am incredibly guilty of learning the hard way.

And lastly:
Outwear. This can consist of anything a little heavier, like a blazer, coat, jacket, or a thick vest. In the spring and fall you can use a jean jacket or a military style vest and in the winter you can use a quilted vest or a puffer vest!
And there you have it. You can be a stylist yourself now that you know the secret that all fashion bloggers live by! Look at your outfit in three pieces: 1st (top) + 2nd (bottom) + 3rd (layering) = polished finished look and you will look totally put together every time you step out the door!

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