Life Lately | A personal monthly update

The month of celebration is over, thats saying a lot considering we celebrated 10 birthdays, and 2 anniversaries in July. Yeah, I’m not kidding.

Life Lately on Adventurous Shelby

The biggest deal for me, is I turned 30. How on earth have I been around the sun so many times already? Travis got me the Hamilton soundtrack on vinyl, of course and SAI japanese brush markers which have been so fun to experiment with in my coloring books! I also got a photo album for photos from our travels, cat tabs because life is short, a bible cover from my dear Staci, and Kendra sent me a bulletin board for my office, a to-go coffee mug and repurposed material wallet! Love it all!

30th Birthday

I got a Birthday Fix, where I kept 2 fab pieces that I’m loving…that linen dress is my new favorite piece in my closet and I’m having a hard time not wearing it ALL. THE. TIME.

It’s been warm here, so I’ve been spending a lot of time working at our local Starbucks, since they can afford to keep the AC at like 65. My BF Kendra, bought her airline tickets to come see us the first week of September and I have been thinking about all the things I need to do before then; rearrange my office for the air mattress, move Asher’s bed to the dining room, plan out her week here so we get to do all the things she wants to do. And all the wine we will drink in those 5 days…

I’m also spending less time on Facebook, the political rhetoric is disgusting. I hate listening to people justify their candidate is more righteous than the other while sacrificing basic morality.

My baby sister and her hubby celebrated their 4th wedding anniversary, which means, Travis and I have officially been out of Texas for 4 years now. It feels like so much longer and shorter all at the same time.

Haley & Chad Wedding 0308

In July I read, Half the Sky with the Sseko Brave Collective for book club. It was a jarring read and although I’m a quick reader, this one slowed me down. I read it in chunks because the information, stories and statistics where heart breaking and awe inspiring. This book confirmed that I do in fact I want move to Africa and work with the impoverished, Peace Corps maybe an option. I also started Rising Strong by Brené Brown, who has been sourced in several other books I have read in the last 6 months: Unashamed & Wild & Free as well as Living with Intent which I just started.

Half the Sky

Travis celebrated his 31st birthday this year, nothing can top a trip to NYC like last year but a new wallet and a few new records makes him happy! Love him so much!

Travis & the view
Travis & the view

One Reply to “Life Lately | A personal monthly update”

  1. A late happy birthday to you, Shelby!

    Since last year, I’ve also been spending less time on Facebook. I see what you’re saying about the vitriol and all things politics. While I want to remove my account completely, I can’t because most of our ministry contacts use it and that’s my primary way of communicating with family. I’d have to really carve out time to purge my list.

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