Summer Reads: God Bless America coloring book

While I love coloring, not all coloring books appeal to me artistically. And that is ok, this coloring book includes quotes and images that feature a very positive view of our history and the men (& women) who shaped our nation.

Color America

A fabulous coloring book for children & families that have loved ones serving or for National holidays, the God Bless America coloring book is a fabulous addition to a colorist’s collection. I especially like how the pages are single sided and perforated for easy removal. (wish more had that!)

The images are varied and diverse from a simple country-scape to abstract collage of stars and states, including a gorgeous scape of the Grand Canyon.

The paper is a decent quality. And is eerily similar in overall style to the Whatever is Lovely coloring book. Which I really like, as it easily lays flat with a little pressure.

Color America

I’m fine with the glorious only positive history of the US portrayed in this coloring book, so long as somewhere else we are completing the story, which could have easily been included on the backs of the pages with the history bits they chose to include. We have done some despicable things in our nation and many men we idolize as founding fathers believed our black brothers & sisters were less than and ok with the idea of owning another human being. They did choose to include a quote from MLK Jr and Cesar Chavez but overall, this was a Christian-Americana centric coloring book praising our pro white american history. The history of us destroying native nations, stealing their lands, and our history as a nation with slaves is overlooked while the glamorized ideals of being a soldier and going to war was included with the promise to free men.

Color America

I love coloring and there isn’t anything wrong with this book other than my stern believe that if we are going to teach history we need to teach all of it or else we are bound to make our mistakes over again.

I received this book free in return for an honest review. Grab a copy for yourself, HERE

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