July 2016- Stitch Fix #12

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This is my 30th Birthday Fix, styled by myself and I wasn’t sure I’d like any of it to be honest. I didn’t go into this Fix knowing I wanted certain pieces, I just picked out things that spoke to me and that I thought I’d like to try. 

31 Bits Necklace

The Skies are Blue Split Back

Skies are Blue Split Back & Tinsel cuffed shorts


This top is mostly in my style range, I love plaid and button up but a plaid, button up, sleeveless top is pushing me a little. I loved that this top is 100% cotton. It’s hot here in Central Cali and I’m desperate for a reprieve from the heat. I mostly want to try a split back top, having never tried the style before. I kind of felt like it flaunted/accentuated my bootie, which is the point I guess.



The Tinsel Cuffed Shorts

Tinsel cuffed shorts

I was pleasantly surprised with these, they fit well, had a good stretch but easily could have been too big had I decided to work on my hip situation. The dusty color was a nice earthy shade and perfect for music festivals, I especially loved the braided belt waist it really took these from just another pair of shorts to an effortless seamless look with the right top.


The Everly knit Swing dress

Swing dresses are my spirit fashion, casual, flouncy and this one was heavenly soft. I hate to send it back but it swallowed my 5’2″ frame and was too long. A belt would help but the length was the ultimate problem, I don’t advocate for petite dresses and find many are way to short for me.


The Skies are Blue Eyelet dress & 31 Bits Necklace

Skies are Blue eyelet detail dress

This dress was design specifically for Stitch Fix, and is a cotton/linen blend. It’s the perfect length, soft and natural hand feel and looks stunning with the pop of color from the 31 Bits beaded necklace I also got. It is lined and zips up the back and will look stunning with my Sseko sandals this summer or ankle booties and a cardigan this fall. I’m absolutely blown away by the detail, construction and fabric of this dress. Consider it my new favorite!

Skies are Blue eyelet detail dress

I don’t own or wear much red so, the 31 Bits necklace was a bit of a change for me. I love the paper beads and mission of the company, plus the gold/cream beads are a fun contrast to my largely silver jewelry box!

Overall, this was a 2/5 and I consider it a success! I tried some new styles and added 2 things I love to my wardrobe!

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