Life Lately | a personal monthly update

Where is 2016 going? Like seriously, I swear it was February like yesterday!?

Life Lately on Adventurous Shelby

June is a good month, the warmer weather begins to set in, I get to spend my personal hour at the pool and wear tank tops and shorts all day every day! #workingfromhomewin


This year we celebrated our, get this, 9th wedding anniversary. 9 y’all. How on earth did we make it? Like we have too many friends, that haven’t especially the ones that were married at our age. I totally get that getting married young is not something people in endorse for a reason, I understand that life and marriage are HARD. In fact, I wouldn’t endorse it. We have defied odds stacked against us; school, jobs, moves, money. But we also have an INCREDIBLE support system of family and friends that have been there for us over the last 9 years. Seriously, we couldn’t have made it this far without you.

Giants vs Phillies June25, 2016I’ve been participating in the Sseko 10 ways 10 days challenge with my ‘new’ sseko ribbon sandals that I got off Poshmark- which if you don’t know is an online thrift store for reselling apparel and accessories. I’ve bought 2 things, and had great experiences, also sold a few things! Here is a collage of my 10 days!

Wear It Wednesday is on a hiatus through August! Kayla and I are deciding what to do next, and what vision we want for WiW in the future…if you have an opinion, I’d love to hear it! wearitwednesday(at)gmail(dot)com

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I love July, it’s full of celebration! I can’t wait for this one! BIG 3-0 is in my very very near future!

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