Currently, I am | July 2016

I made a goal of being more personal on my blog this summer. It’s funny when I think about it. When I started seriously blogging after moving to CA 2 years ago, I hated how personal my blog was, I envied blogger with sponsors and advertisers and all their free products.

Now, after some attempts to be ‘that’ blogger, I have learned something I knew long ago, something I had to learn again. I am not that blogger. Yeah, I get free products to review from time to time, but honestly I want to cultivate a place of honesty online.

I feel SUPER awkward when I review products on my blog, seriously I feel like a really bad salesman sometimes. Books, these I love to share. I mean it’s really the reason I started my blog nearly 10 years ago!

I love when I can share my heart, my whole-heart with you. The hard thing about sharing my heart is I’m leaving myself completely open to the world, especially the online world, which if we are going to be honest is mean, critical and will leave horrible comments…

With all that said I have no idea where to begin…so how about a currently post!

Currently I am…

reading: InStyle July 2016
playing: Hamilton Broadway Musical Soundtrack, it’s amazing….
Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 9.51.57 AM
watching: 1931 Alexander Hamilton movie (I’m a history nerd and I love old movies so…) Also someone get on this and make a mash up…I suggested it to my hubby but he can’t find a copy of the movie on dvd to do it to.
trying: tying my Sseko ribbon sandals a new and exciting way!

cooking: does coffee count?
eating: Coconut Clusters- 73% dark chocolate melted with unsweetened coconut and slivered almonds mixed together and mounded together on a cookie sheet lined with parchment and put in the fridge to set (takes 5 minutes to do & 30 + to set)
drinking: coffee
calling: Just called my dad on Father’s day!
texting: always texting Stacie!
pinning: Not sure I can describe that in a sentence, go check out my boards here…
tweeting: Probably a political opinion, it’s where I go to vent….
crafting: I haven’t been crafting a lot lately but I enjoy coloring, haven’t been doing a lot of that either, time to make some creative space!
doing: I should be working…
going: nowhere right now!
loving: my AC unit & shorts!
hating: Central Cali Summer Heat
discovering: new ways to tie my sandals!!! 🙂 y’all tired of seeing them yet??
enjoying: coffee
hoping (for): a move
celebrating: our 9th Wedding Anniversary
Giants vs Phillies June25, 2016
smelling: coffee
thanking: God for coffee
considering: another cup of coffee
finishing: This blog post 😉
starting: a video chat with Kayla!
What about you?

Clearly I did this post over the last 2 weeks of June, which makes it super funny in my mind! Want to do a Currently, I am post? Copy the test and change the answers! comment below with a link I’d love to read it!

xo- Shelby

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