What I Wore | June 22

Summer in the central valley is weird, we had whole weeks of 90+ degree weather and then it got super cool in the mornings and like high 70’s to 80’s during the day, now we are back in a HOT SWING…and oi is it hot!It’s tough to know what to wear when you spend most days inside only leaving to walk the pup or run to Starbucks for a fresh cup of coffee!

Layers are key, my Free Citizen tank is perfect to wear over my swimsuit incase I want to enjoy some rays halfway through the day, and my casual avocado cardigan is a great layer to keep me comfy in my office.

This ‘sweatshirt’ from my November (?) Stitch Fix is my favorite thing in the whole world, it’s light and airy perfect to throw on over a tank with shorts. It keeps me comfortable in the mornings and easily comes off in the late afternoon when I warm up.

Again with the layers, I planned to wear a white tank this day but the cool breeze convinced me otherwise. #chambrayforthewin

Decided to cheer on my SF Giants on Friday June 17th, a light long sleeve shirt is always a staple in my wardrobe no matter what time of the year it is!

I got my first pair of Sseko sandals this past weekend from Poshmark, and practiced with a fun ribbon tie style on Monday, before the 10 days 10 ways contest began on Tuesday!

Went and had coffee with Stacie yesterday and went with a classic Sseko tie to start off the 10 days 10 ways contest!

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