Sseko | 10 ways 10 days Wrap Up

Mark your calendars! Starting June 21st through June 30th I will be entering into the 10 Ways, 10 Days competition!

Sseko 10 ways 10 days

If you don’t know, Sseko Sandals are versatile tie sandals you can wear a variety of ways. In fact, you can wear the same pair of sandals every day for 10 days — and have an entirely different look each day!

Have a pair of Ssekos? Wear them in a different way, every day, starting June 21st through June 30th! At the end Sseko will choose 3 winners who will win $150 each in Sseko credit!

Here’s how the competition works: Post a pic of yourself in your Sseko sandals (ribbon sandals or accent sandals!) between June 21st through the 30th using #ssekostyle and #10ways10days (be sure to tag @ssekodesigns, too!). Each photo posted counts as an entry (up to 1 per day). We’ll be #regram-ing our favorite photos, and at the end, our 3 favorites will win Sseko gift cards!

You may enter via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.
Bonus: if you enter EVERY day during the 10 days, we’ll send you a new pair of ribbons!

Follow along with my tie journey on Instagram for the next 10 day! I can’t wait to see you there!


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