Finding my own Extraordinary

I’ve always loved the excitement that entrepreneurs have. I’ve even tried my hand at it, working for the man has never really been my jam. 

As a kid, I watched my dad work long hard hours to provide a life and lifestyle that was good enough for us and up to the standard that society expects out of a middle class family in the late 90’s through 2000’s. It showed me working hard gets you money but not necessarily happiness. My definition for success  is deeply based on my dad.

Success is living happily, healthy, in a place that I love with the opportunity to travel and have a flexible schedule.

It’s not polished or pretty.

It’s not instagram fame or having a big house, or a lot of land.

Finding your Extraordinary

In Jessica Dilullo Herrin’s Find your Extraordinary, she talks about something that really struck me. The entrepreneurial spirit “anyone who wants to take charge of [their] own life”. I’ve worked at a University, as a receptionist at a Vet Clinic, a County Fair Coordinator, and now as a Fashion Stylist. My history is in design, art, and creative thinking I write regularly on my blog and I love a flexible schedule allowing me to travel, volunteer and spend time with co-workers or friends.

Shelby with Finding your ExtraordinaryThis book is not just for people looking to get inspired for starting their own etsy shop, or blogging business. It’s perfect for those of us looking to get encouraged in where we are, to get excited about what the next step in our career looks like whether it’s up the ladder or getting off to start our own.

I am so motivated to create happiness after reading this book, it helps that I really love my job, co-workers, the company culture and opportunities provided to me. I feel more empowered to grasp the opportunity ahead of me to be my version of success.

I received a copy of Finding your Extraordinary for free in return for my honest opinion!

This post contains affiliate links. By purchasing through the links on my blog I receive a small compensation at no additional cost to you. 

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