Life Lately- a personal monthly update

How? When? Where did May go?

Life Lately on Adventurous Shelby

Well, wow. We started this month with a road trip to Southern Oregon for a few days away. A weekend away is always nice and since I can work while away, I can get up each day and do some styling!

We hiked lower table rock in Medford, Oregon and spent a few nights enjoying the area.

The next week I got my next Fix, which I have yet to share…but know it was a good one! 4/5! One of the pieces I got was this gorgeous floral maxi dress with a hunter green top, it’s gorgeous and looks great on my porcelain skin!

Stitch Fix May 2016

I was going to attend our spring picnic again this year but between hubby and my other friends not going I opted out. And stayed home to spend time with hubby and asher.

I wrote a lot of reviews this month; beauty products from Infuenster, books- Unashamed, Wild and Free, Unstuffed; tried Calligraphy and have totally fallen in love!

Kayla & I talked about incorporating summer colors, how to pattern mix and the 3rd piece rule as well as having Jen from Paisley & Sparrow on Wear it Wednesday.

logo variations

And I shared why in a world with terrorism I still choose to travel ( one, two and three).

What did you do this May? Any plans for June?

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