An Unstuffed Life

We all have our stuff.

My stuff: starbucks coffee mugs, books, coloring books, colors, paints, sketch pads, notebooks, fashion magazines, cook books…and the list goes on.

Travis record hunting

My husbands stuff: records, 12″, 7″, some 8″, all the bells and whistles for listening to said records, record players, books, concert tickets…and the list goes on. (He is on the record hunt at our local thrift store in the photo above)

What I loved about Ruth Soukup’s unstuffed; decluttering your home, mind and soul was the obvious and harsh truth about an unstuffed life. You can’t have it all.


She doesn’t call for a minimalistic lifestyle but you can go all the way with it. The most valuable things I pulled from this book was there is a time to let go. And after all the moves, I’ve done I have done my fair share of ruthless purging. Mostly when it won’t fit in the Uhaul.

I started my Unstuffed plan in my office where I opened all the 3 drawer tubs (4 total), which house a variety of things and went through EVERY DRAWER. Sorted by need/function/usefulness/when was the last time we used that? I hoped to get rid of a few drawers, alas that didn’t happen but I did end up donating/recycling a huge tub of things that we hadn’t used since we lived in Texas…that was 4 years ago y’all. I put all the art supplies together, all the mailing things together, all the interior design stuff and failed photography business stuff together after I ruthlessly got rid of all the unnecessary things of course. And now I have drawers I can FIND THINGS IN…and where to find them, it is in a word glorious.

I’m sure there are a lot of moms out there that can relate to her stress and needing to be unstuffed as a parent and I think my parents did a great job helping us understand to have we must give away, even if there were a few years where Christmas went on a little too long.

Grab a copy of Ruth Soukup’s Unstuffed on Amazon!

I received this book for review from Booklook Bloggers.

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