Wear it Wednesday | Summer 2016 Colors

Summer colors can be difficult to succumb to, especially if you love to wear neutrals and blacks!

Well, for Wear it Wednesday this week, Shelby and I thought it might be fun to share a few ways that you could colorize your summer closet!

I fully believe that you don’t need to by new clothes every season for a new look. If you buy a variety of pieces once or even twice a year, you can have a chic wardrobe just by changing up a few pieces and varying your color schemes!

Tip #1: Use accessories to your advantage!

colorful summer accessories

colorful summer accessories by kayla-nelson-1 featuring a floppy beach hat

coral accessories


Quito Red Accessories


You can easily amp up an outfit by adding a hat in a striking color, matching your shoes to it or including a statement/pendent necklace that is adorned in a beautiful summer jewel tone. Here’s a few ethical ideas for you to snag before summer hits:
Tip #2: Layer with a bright undershirt.
bright summer under shirt


coral undershirt


This is a great way to use those bralets and bustiers that are so popular right now. It’s super easy to match shoes to your camis and bralets if you grab a simple pair of flip-flops!
Tip #3: Use pattern to your advantage!
colorful summer pattern


floral skirt


When you add a pattern, whether it’s your undershirt, your shorts, skirts or a light cardigan it makes it 100x easier to add more colors since they already include them. Just find patterns with a dominant neutral that you normally gravitate to. I have a thing for florals and the two tops that I have in floral are predominantly white and both patterns have similar colors in them.
How do you like to mix color into your wardrobe?
Wear it Wednesday with Shelby and Kayla 3 ways to wear color this summer

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