Life Lately- a personal monthly update

How is it May already? Like seriously? Where did winter go…cause it never really showed up here in the valley that is for sure!

Life Lately on Adventurous Shelby

My baby sister turned 27th this month…OMG I am so old! LOL

Me and Baby Sis, she is way too tall in flats
Me and Baby Sis, she is way too tall in flats

BIG exciting changes and things are happening with Wear It Wednesday! Did you see our super cute new logo? I’m really loving the new colors, fonts, and look for the series. Props to Kayla for updating our look! We also launched our bi-monthly newsletter! (Sign Up HERE)

logo variations2

April was also when I finally got to meet up with my long time internet friend Megan from Flawed Perfection Jewelry & a Stitch Fix stylist for the first time! You might remember we interviewed her for WIW last month, HERE. We met at the best little coffeeshop in Livermore and styles together!

Travis & I also went to our long awaited Paul McCartney concert in Fresno, we still are wrapping our heads around why Fresno, but alas! It was a great concert and I don’t know how he does it!

I also got my first Belong Magazine in the mail this month! I went originally to pick it up at my local B&N but they looked at me like I just got off the train from crazy town so I ordered it online, with the super cute YOU BELONG tee!

You Belong!

Did you have a great April? Sure hope so!

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