Life Lately- a personal monthly update

I never thought I’d have my blog so planned out that personal posts would need to be labeled. But here we are and I don’t feel like I’ve opened my heart on my blog in a while, so here we go.

Life Lately on Adventurous Shelby

Work, can be frustrating. It sounds easy to work in your sweats all day but it’s not. Most of the time I get distracted by laundry, dishes or dinner prep or Asher barks every time a car drives by leading me to wear headphones…also people can be mean. So, there is a lot of coffee & chocolate 😉

Work Lately

Pets, well both cats are now have chin acne, contacted the company & they are sending us a different grain free protein to try so that is awesome. And Asher is spoiled as ever…I think he is starting to look a little gray in the muzzle but he’s always been gray. Aren’t they the cutest! I’m the luckiest fur-mom ever!

Pets Lately

Hubby, is tried. Life as adults is hard. Seriously, I do not know how people have the energy to do stuff and have children. At the end of the day we are sprawled out on the couch at 8 pm reading and coloring ourselves to sleep. But there is a lot of love here, and that is what matters most!

Love never gives up

Me, I am guilty of being overstressed this month. I have taken everything way to personally. I did get my hair trimmed again and I may have slightly freaked out when I realized how much it had grown, like she took inches off again y’all! Also her straightener curls skills are out of this world…too bad I can’t replicate it!

Haircut update

How was your March?

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