I Quit Sugar

When we decided to jump head first into the Always Hungry lifestyle, we were quitting sugar, and over processed carbs. As, I’ve said in the past, I still long for bread, bagels and pastries everyday. Sugar, not so much although you do have to be careful, it is in literally EVERYTHING; tomato sauce, bread, salsa, processed nuts, and the list goes on. We make all sauces by hand unless I have found one sugar free from Trader Joe’s or Sprout’s.

I Quit Sugar | Adventurous Shelby

So, when I saw that Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar cookbook with 306 recipes was available for review, I jumped on it…I am loving our always hungry recipes but after a month and a half it’s time to change it up! And I was excited to see a few similar recipes so she isn’t crazy and I haven’t been going crazy for the last month and a half. Her go to sweeter is brown rice syrup, which is a moderate rated sweeter for Alway Hungry. I’ve never used brown rice syrup, so I plan to substitute it for honey or maple syrup with a 1:1 ratio.

I Quit Sugar | Adventurous Shelby

She bakes a lot in this cookbook which makes me excited and scared, she primary encourages readers to use buckwheat flour, which I plan to substitute almond flour and almond meal for, or garbanzo bean flour for savory dishes.I Quit Sugar | Adventurous Shelby

The best parts of this book is all of it really. She has breakfasts, lunches, dinners, one dish dinners, and how to use leftovers, in addition to the sugar free desserts that make your mouth water just by looking at the recipes. Her whimsical scribbled notes make the book feel like a handidown, like something my grandmother would give me. And it’s not just recipes, its tips on how to freeze, how to cook, how to substitute and even a 10 day meal plan with shopping list, get excited y’all!

So, getting down to brass tax here. Do I recommend this book. Yes. But for people who don’t live a low carb/no carb, low sugar/no sugar lifestyle, you may not enjoy this book as much as us who find pineapple and raspberries on the verge of too sweet. But if you’re willing to make a significant lifestyle change, dive in and don’t look back!

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

One thought on “I Quit Sugar

  1. I’m not a fan of raspberries and pineapple is lovely but fresh pineapple makes my face hurt. I had alot of fresh pineapple when I was pregnant and it made the skin on my lips crack and bleed because of the acid in the pineapple.
    I do however need to cut down the amount of sugar I eat – it’s really bad! I gave up diet soda for Lent and it sort of worked in the short term (although today I was very desperate for caffeine and nearly gave in).

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