Wear It Wednesday | Packing for Europe in Fall/Winter

Hi Fashionistas! In case you haven’t heard I went for a 2 week trip to the UK & Paris in November. One of the things, I struggled with was how do I pack for colder and wetter weather on vacation. My previous history with vacations has always been in the summer or over Spring Breaks. I had a whole Pinterest Board, dedicated to things others insisted I needed to pack and since my bag is carry on size I had to fit 2 weeks of stylish, warm clothes in it. Here is how I did it:

Wear It Wednesday with Shelby & Kayla



  • Dark wash skinny jeans
  • Boyfriend jeans
  • olive ankle jeans


  • One sweater
  • One Sweatshirt
  • 3 long sleeve knit tops
  • flannel shirt


  • tall keen boots
  • slip on Toms (mostly for travel days especially at the airport)


  • camel hooded toggle coat
  • north face rain jacket
  • fleece leggings
  • marmot puffer vest


  • 3 pairs wool boot socks
  • blanket scarf
  • gloves

I know you can’t tell that I changed shirts each day but I swear I did! Layers are key for traveling to Europe in the fall/winter. I wore a camisole, long sleeve knit, flannel shirt or sweater everyday under my coat or rain jacket. I only wore my fleece leggings twice, Stonehenge & through the Scottish highlands, those days were very cold and the extra straight leg boyfriend jeans offered enough room to wear them under jeans. My blanket scarf worked as a blanket on the plane and I wore my coat on all the plane rides. I took it off and rolled it up as used as a pillow. I also took a LBD, and neutral flats for a dressier night out, but we decidedly kept it casual the entire trip.

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