Wear it Wednesday; Dressember Recap

Dressember 2015 is over, and I am joyfully, gleefully wearing my blue jeans…”I promise to never leave you again…” But since it is the first Wednesday in January, Kayla and I thought it would be appropriate to recap dressember for you, show you all our photos and reflect on what wearing a dress taught us.

31 days of dressing for freedom small icon

I was really excited to start this year, it was my 2nd year participating and I was challenging myself to wear the Elegantee’s Dressember dress in burgundy every day for the month. I’ll be honest I totally burnt myself out wearing my dress everyday. It was SO. HARD.

I did cheat once or twice, ok fine I didn’t wear my dress past the 23rd…but I wore a dress for like most-ish of all the days in December when I left my house. I loved my dress, although I found it hard to get dressed in a dress 1) when it was cold out and 2) when I wasn’t planning on leaving my apartment for the day (I work from home!). I also realized the beautiful wine color eliminated a few of my layering pieces immediatly based on color alone. I learned I love my leopard belt over my dress, while my husband does NOT…and my dress slip maybe the most comfortable piece of lingerie I own. Also I think my fur kids are in most of my pictures…if I took them at home.

Donating to Dressember is open until January 31, join me and make a financial donation to help rescue women from a life of slavery and train them in dignified work to provide for their families.

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