Wear It Wednesday | Pinterest Worthy Thanksgiving Looks

It’s that time of the year when family & friends draw near and celebrate all the things we are grateful and thankful for. For some of us, we want to look our best when celebrating, so I have put together some easy looks for those of us that need just a little bit of help on the big day!!

Wear It Wednesday with Shelby & Kayla

For a classic Thanksgiving look with family and friends I recommend burgundy pants and a timeless chambray top and layer with a natural wool sweater, finish the look with a long beaded necklace and pair with Moccasins, like these from Minnetonka or neutral flats.

Thanksgiving Classic

I am far more casual on Thanksgiving, and this look is totally me. Earthy olive pants with my neutral Market & Spruce top from Stitch Fix and my pink Toms. I won’t add any extra jewelry expect maybe my charm bracelet and a light denim jacket. I actually don’t own this staple, don’t ask me how but everyone needs one and it’s perfect for looks like this and the weather we have here in the Central Valley.

Thanksgiving Casual

If you are having a big formal Thanksgiving dinner with lots of family, try something more romantic like a fit & flare dress, a cropped cardigan with nude heels.

Thanksgiving Formal

What is your favorite Pinterest Worthy Thanksgiving look? Which one do you plan to wear this year?

Wear it Wednesday quote graphic 1

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