September 2015- Stitch Fix #9

IMG_1272 copy

I’ve said it in the past, I don’t regularly get Fixes each month it’s simply not something we budget for. This was my second attempt to get the Loveappella Whitnee dress in beige, size small. Even stylists have their unicorns.

So, even though I attempted to get my unicorn it was again unavailable. Instead, I got the Kut from the Kloth cropped pants in a beautiful burgundy which is far more maroon verses crimson red, FYI SEC fans. It looks great with my gray and white Corinna top from my August Fix. And I can’t wait to pair it with my chambray top under my natural wool sweater in Europe later this fall! KEPT


Ask anyone who knows me, my favorite color is yellow and has been since I was a kid. I have a yellow desk chair y’all. So the Moda Luxe Brooklyn bag in mustard is not only AMAZING but it’s kind of the best thing to ever happen style wise. I ended up selling my Brooks bag from June on a internet forum. After using it for a while, it was just too big for me. KEPT


Europe in the fall means cold and wet. The best accessory besides the mustard bag is a blanket scarf, this one is from Shiraleah. It’s not made with the best materials, Acrylic, but it looks AMAZING under my caramel hooded jacket. KEPT

IMG_1265I am a sucker for vests, and I’m not going to say no to a puffer vest with a hood lined with faux fur, this olive one by Skies are Blue is gorgeous in every sense of the word and is perfect for cold weather. Like if I was in Colorado, this would have been a part of my daily wardrobe. Considering it is still in the 90’s here in the central valley I wouldn’t get to wear this unless we went back to CO, and I can’t justify the price for our trip to Europe. RETURNED

Excuse my messy bathroom counter top, and sports bra…

I love the look of split back but I wasn’t sure how revealing they actually are. So, I tried the Loveappella 3/4 sleeve with a floral back print. It is casual and romantic and surprisingly not to revealing but a little sexy. I love mixed material tops but my husband simply doesn’t get it, why have the pretty fabric on the back? You can’t see it back there. It is the perfect weight to layer with and looked great under the vest but if I had to choose and well, I did have to I didn’t keep so I could keep the pants instead. I see more value in pants than tops, but that is me! RETURNED

Have you tried Stitch Fix? What color do you need more of in your fall wardrobe? 

Interested in trying Stitch Fix? Start HERE.


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