Wear It Wednesday | Illustrated Faith

Kayla and I are focusing on something a little different today our ‘Bible Bags’. I don’t have a tote specifically for my bible and study books, the way Kayla does. Instead my bag is a pencil bag that holds all my art journaling tools together. Let me show you what I mean…

Wear It Wednesday with Shelby & Kayla

First, here is an overview of my bible study supplies +/- my iPhone or iPad, for my readings that day, via the She Reads Truth 365 days of Truth.

IMG_0986 copy

First, let me tell you about my bible. It is an ESV Journaling Bible given to me by my In Laws and Sister in law for Christmas in 2010. I recorded our marriage, our moves, marriages and deaths in the front cover, as well as my favorite prayer from St. Teresa:

Let nothing upset you,

let nothing startle you.

All things pass,

God does not change.

Patience wins all it seeks.

Whoever has God lacks nothing

God is enough.

Second, my bible bag is a pencil bag from World Market. And it holds everything but my washi tape dispenser and bible. Inside my bag, I have a date stamp and stamp pad, from the Target Dollar Spot section, Crayola Twistable pencils for highlighting and coloring, arrow tabs for marking important verses or need to remember things, a pencil for sketching, eraser for erasing mistakes, and a fine point and a wide point pen to ink my final designs. Also washi tape, the dispenser came from Target, as well as most of the tape.


When I come across a verse or lesson, I love or need to be reminded of I always highlight it with my colored pencils. I use pencils because they don’t bleed through the page but still grab your attention.


Some books have been studied a few times, which is awesome and I love knowing when I studied each book, so I note the studies at the beginning of each book and always designate a particular color for each study for underlining. I also mark the month and year at the Introduction for each book, which is at the back of my bible.


What do I use wash tape for? I mark each page I have written something in the margin, major or minor. And those pink tabs at the top? Those mark each book I have completed in my 365 days of truth study from SRT. You can follow the #illustratedfaith tag on instagram for more inspired and creative ways people use their Journaling Bibles. I get so inspired by some of the things I see sometimes I try to replicate their designs on my own…


My goal for my Journaling Bible to have a place in God’s word to explore His love and how I can express my gratitude and understanding of that love, through visual art and lettering.

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