Wear it Wednesday | From Summer to Fall Part 1

Happy Wear it Wednesday Friends! This week Kayla and I are talking about transitioning your summer wardrobe for fall. This is a two parted and will be talking on this more in the coming weeks. Today we are focusing on tights & layering with sweaters!

Wear It Wednesday with Shelby & Kayla




I learned a lot about layering with tights last year when I participated in Dressember. And although winter is pretty mild, tights were perfect for me. I keep the staples of black, gray and navy but my burnt orange ones maybe my fourth favorite. I love to wear these under my dresses, add a slip if your dress isn’t lined and flats but if it is really cool add socks and tall boots.


Layering with Sweaters & Pop-overs

Again, we have very mild winters here in the Central Valley, the coldest it got was 29 and highs were somewhere in the 50 degree range. My best examples of layering with sweaters are also from Dressember.


What I love about adding a sweater to a dress is it takes something you thought you knew, the dress, and makes it something new, a skirt. Add a button up oxford for a pop of classic and a colorful sweater for a change in pace. I layered with a long sleeve tee and then my sweater or my yellow pop over.


Outside of layering with dresses, try adding a sweater layer over a collared top and black skinny jeans this fall. Perfect for cool mornings, then at mid day removed your sweater to stay comfortable with the outdoor or indoor weather.

Wear It Wednesday | chambray

Next Wear It Wednesday, Kayla and I are talking about ankle boots, scarfs and cardigans!

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