August 2015- Stitch Fix #8

This month was another Stitch Fix! I get these every other month, not sure my bank account or husband would be cool with me getting them EVERY month, so every other is a good compromise. I get new pieces for the upcoming season!

IMG_0423 copyI wanted great fall pieces I could wear this season, especially for our upcoming trip to Europe! I have been eyeing the Loveappella Whitnee dress, like all freaking year. And finally got in a Fix, it is soft and fitted. Perfect with tights and boots, but alas it was too small, look at those hips y’all!  I was going to exchange it but, turns out those trips to Texas and New York were hard on our bank account.



The Loveappella Evie drawstring funnel neck sweatshirt in coral is amazingly gorgeous. I kept seeing it on Pinterest but was excited to see it in inventory and in my size! It is a little short in the length if I raise my arms, so if I don’t lift my arms I am good.




I also got my first pair of petite ankle pants. Literally, the first pair of petite pants I have ever worn in my entire life and I am 5’2″. I got my first pair of Just Black pants in February 2014 and I love them! So I had to try this edgy pair with ankle zipper details. Plus they look amazing with the Corinna and with my tall snow boots.


If you remember in June, I got the Market & Spruce Corinna top in coral. This month I got it again, in gray. It is so soft and perfect for fall and our upcoming trip.



I really wanted a new pair of fitted jeans. The Mavi Gold Nigel jeans are holy heavenly soft and fit like a freaking dream…as much as I LOVED them but again my bank account couldn’t handle it…I hope to see these again in a future Fix!



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