Wear It Wednesday | Meet Kayla

Wear It Wednesday with Shelby & Kayla

Welcome to Wear it Wednesday, with Shelby (me) and Kayla, from The Creative Jayne, we both love fashion and know that giving a girl the right pair of shoes, necklace or dress she can have the confidence to change the world!

Before we begin Wear it Wednesdays with fashion and accessory styling tips, we wanted to take the time to introduce one another. Today I will be interviewing Kayla and she has her interview with me is over on her blog today!

What inspires you? 
for me, it really can be a variety of different things. First and foremost as far as my fashion choices goes, I have to think about nursing, being puked on and whatever is going to be spilled or wiped on me. My clothes are often times cheap or thrifted but I’ve learned to work it. Other things that inspire me just in general are just ideas that come to mind that I want to act on, people that I follow on Instagram. I guess it’s so broad that there just isn’t ONE thing in particular that inspires me. It depends on the day, what I’m doing or what I’m looking for inspiration for.
Why are you a stylist?
honestly, I still have a hard time using that term for myself. I feel like it does a disservice to those that actually ARE stylists but I am slowly coming to own the title. I became a stylist with Noonday after you posted about wanting prayer for becoming an ambassador or not. It got me interested and I began looking and my heart just said, “YES!!! THIS IS FOR YOU!!!” So I began praying about it, I asked my husband about it, ran it by my mom and then when our taxes came along my husband said go for it! I love that I can help to support families in other countries by working. My husband and I have tried a couple of different times to support children across the world through World Vision and then through Compassion International and with our unstable income and high costs of living we had to stop. It broke my heart because it LONGS to help people less fortunate. In the Bible God says this: Give justice to the poor and the orphan; uphold the rights of the oppressed and the destitute. Psalm 82:3 So I love that while I work I can help to support those in need. We don’t have the resources or the budget or even the season of life for me/us to go across the world to visit and work with them so the fact that I can do that in my own tiny world just blesses my heart!
How does fashion/style influence you?
I never really considered myself fashionable. I was always a jeans/tshirt kind of girl. In high school I tried my best to make a “different statement.” I would wear a cherry red/black checkered hoop skirt with my red and white entries and a t-shirt with my hair pulled into TIGHT pigtails on the the VERY top of my head. My favorite outfit. Ever.  – AND OH MY GOSH YOU’RE IN LUCK, I FOUND A PHOTO OF THE HAIR!!!!!!!!Adventurous Shelby| Wear It Wednesday

(PLEASE note that I am playing MASH!!!)

Nice, right?! I was always trying to make a statement and break the “fashion rules.” I would also thrift children’s size large tshirts from Goodwill that had random towns on. But now, I just need something that is going to be reasonable for wearing with kids while still looking functional and hiding the 50+ extra pounds on me.
What is your favorite everyday look?
well, if you popped into my house randomly you would catch me in a nursing tank top, fleece zip up and yoga pants BUT, if I go out you’d spot me wearing jeans (or shorts if it’s warm) PROooooobably a tshirt of some kind and a vest. I’ve really been loving my chambray vest that I got this spring although I have to add new buttons on it before I wear it again. The buttons were plastic and all broke off yesterday. Oiy. I also have a nude, flowey vest that I got last year that goes well with everything and gives me more coverage when I wear a tank top.
Adventurous Shelby| Wear It Wednesday
Adventurous Shelby| Wear It Wednesday
Everything I wear I have to make sure it’s easy to nurse in for now. But if you get creative and have a nursing bra and tank top it’s fairly easy to wear just about anything.
What is your go to jewelry combination?
ho boy! this is actually really tough because as a Noonday Ambassador I like to be sure to wear a variety of everything that I have so I can best represent it to my customers and make good, experience-based recommendations. BUT, my absolute without a doubt favorite? yea, I still can’t say. It varies with the wind. I like pieces that I can wear with a lot, things that are flexible and coordinate well with solids or patterns, silver or gold. Noonday does it SO well, it’s really hard to say just a couple of pieces. BUT, the EASIEST ones to wear? I’d say the Cubed Studs in Gold, the Sophiya Wrap Bracelet or the Entwined Cuff and the Bethe Rope Necklace.
Adventurous Shelby| Wear It Wednesday
They can go with anything, they can even combine easily together. I was never much of a bracelet girl until I got going with Noonday and now I find it’s so easy to throw some earrings in and a bracelet and feel nicely put together. I don’t even have to put earrings in because I only wear my hair down so even just a bracelet sometimes works out for me. If I’m heading out for something without the kids I find myself throwing on the Kampala necklace, the Rachel necklace or the Linen tassel scarf frequently:
Adventurous Shelby| Wear It Wednesday
Adventurous Shelby| Wear It Wednesday

How does your lifestyle influence your fashion sense?

As a mama of three boys I have to keep things in mind like chasing after them – something that’s not going to slip down or make me fall out. With a baby, something that won’t stain from baby poop or spit-up – dark colors, something that if I had to get rid of it I wouldn’t feel too bad. Along the same note, something that I can nurse baby in – easy to pull down or up but won’t be floppy or tight.

What feature about yourself most influences what you wear and how you wear it?

My extra 50 lbs from baby absolutely is the MAIN thing that influences my style. I am so embarrassed about it but I don’t want to be comfortable with it either. I need something that makes me feel good while still keeping me from getting complacent with the weight. On a lighter note (haha, get it!?) I love to wear things that accentuate my eyes. I have green eyes and have always loved to find things that would highlight them and enhance them.

What are your top 5 favorite pieces to style with?

My top five pieces…

1. a good pair of jeans. they have to be comfortable and flattering – right now it’s my rock revival jeans from the buckle. more than I typically spend on jeans but since I only ever have 1 pair I make sure to invest well in them. They usually last me a year or more.

2. cardigans. I layer and layer and layer, a cardigan helps to hide my weight while still flattering and accentuating my outfit.

3. nursing tank tops. I just mentioned that layering thing, since I’m nursing I make sure to ALWAYS have a nursing tank top on. It makes life SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much easier.

4. my Noonday pieces. for obvious reasons. I don’t leave the house without a Noonday piece on.

5. fun shoes. usually flats but I have a couple pairs of heels that I absolutely LOVE to add to a church outfit or something I don’t have to do a lot of walking at.

What pieces do you think flatter everyone no matter what?

A good maxi skirt. They  are long and covering while being TOTALLY stylish. You need to find the right one though. I have large thighs and short legs so finding a good one was a little tricky for myself but I found one from target that has a SUPER fun pattern and ended up being really flattering on me!

What is your go-to, NEVER fail you brand?

Up until recently it was Silver Jeans. I LOOOOOOOOOVE a good pair of Silvers. The only reason that I switched to my Rock Revivals is because my husband encouraged me to look for something different. I have always been a fan of Silvers, they make great cuts for all body shapes and it’s easy to find a fit and style that looks great on you!

Get to know Kayla more on her Blog// Twitter// Instagram // Shop Noonday Collection

Now, jump over to The Creative Jayne to learn a little more about me and my style!

3 thoughts on “Wear It Wednesday | Meet Kayla

  1. MASH and plaid and pigtails! Man, I had such similar style back in the day! These days, I’d love to brand out and take more risks, but I work from home so putting on a dress during the Summer is about as stylish as it gets these days!

  2. I totally remember wearing my hair like that for a while in Jr High & High school (only I don’t have very thick hair so my mini-buns were tiny). I love a good pair of jeans! My favorite right now are Hudsons.

  3. haha I love the picture from when you are younger! It was like a flashback to my middle school days and I probably have a very similar picture somewhere! My go to clothing is Maurice’s skinny jeans because they are so incredibly comfortable!

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