5 trends I will never* wear


I am a fashion stylist, saying I will ‘never’ try things is kind of a bad idea for me. So here are 5 trends I will slowly come to accept and try myself.


1) Jogger Jeans

I know a lot of stylists that love this look and for people who are really ON TREND and confident in how they dress, they can surely rock this. I am just not sure it will flatter my hips and butt.


2) White Skinny Jeans

I was very anti skinny jeans until I got a pair that fit like a glove and made me feel sexy and confident. I am more worried about the white aspect of these. I hate getting clothes dirty and white is a pain to clean.


3) Mini Skirts

Again my hips and butt…


4) Palazzo Pants

They just look like fancy pajama pants, so busy and loud. Also, I am 5’2″ so I am just going to assume all of these are too long for my legs.


5) Romper

It looks like an overly sexualized child’s outfit on a grown adult. I am rectangular in shape and I have a feeling this will only make me look boxier. I need differentiation between my top and bottom.

Do you wear any of these trends? Which are you most likely to try? Which do you abhor? 


One thought on “5 trends I will never* wear

  1. I do like palazzo pants but they have to be the right size otherwise they fall down as well as being too long. They are quite nice for slobbing out in at home during the summer though as they are light but comfy.

    Mini skirts weren’t on my list sort of come in with hot pants. Too much leg on show.

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