The Sprouted Kitchen’s Bowl + Spoon Cookbook by Sara Forte

Ask anyone in my family, and they will confirm I try to eat most food in a bowl with a spoon. I prefer soups and easily sociable meals. Mostly cause I am lazy and because they taste better that way.

IMG_8100Bowl + Spoon by Sara Forte the blogger from the Sprouted Kitchen put together a fun and unique cookbook. With everything from appetizers to main courses, sides to desserts and her own special sauce recipes you can enjoy good food, healthy food right from home. The biggest impact this book made on me was inspiring me to be a bit more creative. To layer your food and eat together. The images are by her husband Hugh Forte and they are minimalistic gorgeousness that I can’t take my eyes off of. Seriously between the recipes and images this book is as gorgeous inside (and out) and the recipes are unique, yummy and healthy.

And for the most part the recipes are pretty healthy. Fresh ingredients, most of which are meat free but feel free to substitute chicken for tofu, healthy grains from tabbouleh to rice and quinoa and a variety of greens and vegetable combinations to try. Right now we are huge fans of the Trader Joe’s harvest grains mix with lots of good yummies, they taste great with grilled chicken and roasted brussel sprouts.

On my list of recipes to try is her Smoky Tortilla Soup, a good southern girl loves a good tortilla soup recipe! The weather however is not conducive to soup making right now. If you need to refresh your creativity in the kitchen, or are interested in meatless meal making, you should check out this cookbook.

Pick up your copy of the book from Amazon, HERE

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”

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