Spring Cleaning: Purging my Closet

It is the first day of Spring and what better way to start the season than with a Spring Cleaning post! Spring arrived in the Central Valley of California back in February. But I figured I would wait to do Spring cleaning until today. This last week I purged my closet. (EEK!) This was a very scary and hard process. My wardrobe was well suited for Colorado, not so much for the warmer weather of California. A purge was necessary. And my closet was as good as any spot to start.

Spring Cleaning: Purging your Closet- Adventurous ShelbyFirst I pulled items I had not worn in 6 months, did not fit or wasn’t my style. I sorted these items into 3 piles;

1)thrift store donation

2) resale shop

3) think about it

The last one was noticeably huge and I had to go through it a few times to justify a few items. (yours will probably be too if you haven’t purged in a while)

Then I pulled all my long sleeve tees out of my closet. I wore them for the month of December and January and decided to keep my favorites and store them in a tub with all my cold weather layers and donate the rest.

I also sorted through all the dresses in my closet. I have quiet a few really dressy dresses that honestly I haven’t worn since we lived in Texas. (yeah totally time to get rid of them) So, I am taking these to the resale shop, hoping to get enough credit for a denim jacket. I also purged my coats…I have a lot of coats. But honestly haven’t worn ANY of them since moving here. When it was it’s coldest I just layered up with my Spyder or Patagonia jacket. So, these are going to the resale or the thrift store. I did not get rid of all of them, I simply kept the ones I used most often in the past and saw myself wearing in the 12 months.

I don’t have a ridiculous number of shoes. And most of them have a purpose and are very distinct. So I didn’t get rid of too many but I did get rid of the ones that cause blisters and I haven’t worn in a while. If I am going to wear them they need to be comfy and stylish.

How long has it been since you purged your closet of unnecessary and unwanted items? 


5 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: Purging my Closet

  1. I desperately need to clean my closet! I feel like my style has changed since last Spring (probably the last time I truly cleaned it) and it’s time to get the stuff I don’t wear anymore out of here!

  2. I had a bit of a purge before Jaxon as born but I think that was nesting more than anything! I’ve had a mini purge again since he was born but I had the issue that some clothes were too big because I no longer had a bump and some were too big as I’d lost weight. Now I’ve lost even more weight I think I am going to have to have a massive purge! We don’t have resale stores, just charity shops (think thrift). Some companies buy clothes by the weight but it’s like 50p per kilo, which is practically nothing!

  3. I have been putting this off, and totally need to get moving on some spring cleaning! Out with the old, in with the new!

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