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300x300flowerDisclaimer: I have been a SRTer since it started, spring/summer 2012. I am currently participating in the 365 study and have done a number of studies offered by the group. I love the initiative the group as taken to reach out to women and the unique ways they choose to study and dwell in God’s Word. These are my feelings and opinions.

She Reads Truth (SRT) has done a number of unique studies. Some written by the women who organize this group of women who are connecting with their Creator through His Word, some written by others. As the group has grown, steadily and then drastically in the past few years, I have had some concerns regarding theology. And I feel we need more theologically trained women teaching us, not commentaries. Passion is great but a woman trained up in the ways and knowledge of the Lord is a blessing to all women, especially when she teaches.

When my husband was in Seminary I was surprised at the number of young women and wives who attended seminary. And if I was leading a study such as SRT I think a deeper understanding of church history and theology is necessary to teach those you are leading. In fact I can think of quiet a few women, that I would love to see writing for SRT, they are women pastors, social workers, mothers, pastor’s wives and missionaries at home and abroad.

The addition of guest writers like Annie F Downs is encouraging, but as a dear friend mentioned at our weekly bible study, we aren’t scratching much off the surface for Lent. Lent is a deep and dark time. Currently, my church is using this opportunity to explore beauty in the desert. I have been through physical and spiritual desserts and understanding that Jesus too went through this exhaustive and hard time brought me and still brings me peace. However, we feel there is too much happiness to be found in the study. Yes, beauty is in the desert but some times it takes hard times to see that beauty.

I worry that the partnership with Lifeway will make SRT categorize women. Example: Women who do SRT are 20-30, wives that married their college sweethearts, are young mothers and Etsy shop owners. This is not me. I am 28, married to my college sweetheart but don’t have children, I work from home and have a dog who I am pretty sure thinks he is my kid. I bring this up because when I took the SRT survey last week, one question asked if I was a mom then the next asked how I would describe myself and there was no work from home option without the word mom associated with it. Technically speaking, and according to the US government, I am not a mom.  I no longer shop with Lifeway, in the past I have felt you must be a certain kind of Christian to be there. Visiting the store feels very surreal by my measure and carries an unrealistic version of reality as a Christian and has a surface level reading of the scripture. In the past I have been regularly hurt by mainstream Christianity and it’s members in the form of Christian Business and Politicians speaking in the name of God. (Although I find the idea of a business being Christian insulting to idiotic and we will save the political rhetoric for another time)

The women who study SRT are in my estimation (this is speculation I admit) not fulfilled by their current sources of religious and faith teachings. I know that is why I started SRT. It provides me with an online community that gets me once we take down all the societal demands on who I ought to be. On the SRT page, I am a woman made by God to glorify Him. I have been made new, my past is gone and the journey He has led me on has led me to Him, yep I fail practically every day but that is why we have grace and He is patient and kind toward us. As a woman, I know how judgmental and harsh we are on each other, and we love to fit everything into boxes. (imagery from Mean Girls comes to mind, also let us stop all of that) I do not want my SRT community to be fit into a box for only mommy bloggers. That is not who I am. What I have always found comfort in SRT is their open dialogue. Even when I disagreed with something on a theological level, there was someone in the comments to reassure me that although we disagree we serve a loving and understanding God, who sees beyond human reason. This is why I read SRT, for the Truth found in the Word and the Truth spoken by my sisters who are as beautifully imperfect as I am, serving a God who loves us as we are.

I want to see SRT teach the whole, honest and hard truth. (it’s in the name… She Reads Truth) Just because we strive to be like Christ does not mean it is all sunshine and roses. The desert is very real, ask Jesus he was there for 40 days.

If you would like to read and see the video released by SRT this week and have no idea what I am talking about, visit their site HERE. Also, I am pretty sure Raechel got her top from Stitch Fix…but I can’t say that for sure…

2 thoughts on “She Reads Truth + Lifeway

  1. I do like SRT but sometimes it’s too americanised which is a shame. I have a Lent bible study written by Kirsten Oliphant. I haven’t really had a proper look but it might be worth you and your friend taking a look.

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