Modern Manners Book Review

I really don’t know what possessed me to request this book. As a requirement for my Interior Design Degree in the female leaning Department of Human Sciences AKA Family and Consumer Science aka Home Economics, I had to take an Etiquette course. Now I didn’t graduate 50 years ago this was in 2008.

IMG_7286I learned a LOT from this class but the text was thick and there is no way I was going to keep it around. But it is amazing that people don’t know how to write proper thank you cards or how to eat a 5 course meal.

IMG_7288In Modern Manners from Dorothea Johnson and Liv Tyler, take on practical old school etiquette in a quick simple way as well as addressing modern technology. As well as what business attire for men and women; event attire, casual attire, informal, formal and white tie. As well as proper protocol for socializing at parties and events. How to prepare for and interview well, and what should and should not be included in you resume.

IMG_7284I like this little book. It is small, aesthetically pleasing and a nice quick reference for anyone. Particularly soon to be and recent college graduates or anyone needing a refresher course.


I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. Grab a copy for yourself, HERE

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3 thoughts on “Modern Manners Book Review

  1. When it comes to cutlery I just work from the outside in, usually getting it wrong somewhere along the way! I prefer those meals where they just bring you new cutlery each course – it makes live easier lol. I use to waitress for a catering company and sometimes that was silver service, that was all about etiquette.

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