She Shares Truth- Esther

Just after Travis and I got married and began attending the “Grown Up” Married’s Class at our Church the Movie, One Night with the King came out. As well as Beth Moore’s Esther Bible Study.

Esther was like no other book I had read from the bible. She was strong, brave and devoted. Although, God is never directly mentioned in the text, I loved seeing how He ordained meetings and situations to work for the good of His people. This 2 week journey through Esther, reminded me that even if I can’t see Him or hear Him. Trusting and praying will reveal His will.

The tid-bits of truth the SRT girls gave us over the past 2 weeks where the most inspiring for me. As a SRTer from the beginning, this study reminds me of those first few studies. When the group was small, when we were all learning. Esther reminded me there is more than I could ever comprehend. I have been reading at surface level for a long time. This dared me to dig down towards the depths of His Word.

No matter where you are, He can use you. This year I have been trying to understand my Purpose…what it is and how to harness that in my everyday life. A challenge I decided to take on after reading Make It Happen by Lara Casey. Esther showed me we may not see our purpose or know it until we have accomplished it.

I want to approach my King with confidence and be like Him. Loving, not judging, being Truth and light in a dark world. Esther was a beacon in the king’s palace. She approached him with respect and knew the potential consequences of her actions. She prayed for guidance and asked for others to pray for her. She prepared herself before making her request.

Then she asked to feast with the King 2 before her request. She shows love and admiration for him, giving him a banquet 2 days in a row before humbly making her request.

Is this how I approach my God?

My God invites me to the throne to ask and I will receive, to seek and to find and to knock for it will be opened unto me.

Do I approach God with humility and reverence?

Do I seek wisdom and guidance before asking?

The merciful God of Esther is the merciful God of You + Me.

Each day of Esther brought new light to my understanding of God and how although women are told to be silent and obedient. Esther stood up and said something. She was not silent and she was obedient to her God and humble before her husband.

7 thoughts on “She Shares Truth- Esther

  1. Esther is one of my favourites! The way that God uses a “normal” girl for extraordinary purposes, as the verse says something about “born for such a time as this”. We did a bible study in our girlies group that was all based around Esther and we had a Purim party – we read the story, cheered at the good bits and booed when the baddies were misbehaving lol. My friend’s birthday actually falls about the same time so we had a birthday/Purim party (Actually according to that fab search engine Purim is at the beginning of March).

  2. Love your reflectio on Esther. Her story truly does soeak to us all, married or single. Thanks ofr linking up on Hope to see you this Friday for Ruth on the blog.

  3. What a wonderful post! I love Esther as well! I could not have spoken about her any better than how you have! Glad that I stopped by from the Beloved Gem link up!

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