Currently I am…

Thanks to The Creative Jayne for tagging me to do this post! Sorry it took me so long to get around to it!

Currently I am…

reading: TOO many cookbooks from the library but also Plan B by Anne Lamott that I found at the thrift store for 25 cents and it’s a signed copy! #win
watching: Hemlock Grove, guilty pleasure. I also really love Dr. Who, Sherlock or Downton and apparently I have a British Television obsession
trying: to stay positive.
IMG_6848cooking: I will be cooking an Italian meal for my Culinary Trip Around the World in February…I am planning on a Field Salad, Spinach and Ricotta Gnocchi, Herb Roasted Pork Loin and an Olive Oil Cake with a Cherry Compote…is your mouth watering?
eating: I should eat something…especially after talking about that Italian Meal! 🙂
drinking: coffee 🙂
calling: The only people I call are family and a few friends; Stacie and Rachael
texting: I am always texting Stacie, my BFF Kendra and my sister, Haley
pinning: Lately lots of fashion pins. Yeah that is about it…check them out HERE
tweeting: my Instagram feed, seriously check it out, HERE
crafting: this BLOG
doing: seems like nothing but I have been doing a lot to keep the house in order and clean. I am trying to maintain a schedule just for myself really.
going: seems like nowhere and everywhere all at the same time.
loving: the sunshine. We haven’t had much of it in January but just recently it has begun to show up again.
hating: this Spring weather in February! It is a crime! Even if I love it.
discovering: my phone number is clearly on solicitor’s call list…I get like 3 calls a day from stage places I have never visited.
enjoying: the spring weather, might as well
hoping (for): the job I just applied for…my interview was last week and I am anxious with knowing if I will be offered a position. I REALLY REALLY want it.
celebrating: Travis’ recovery since he had a procedure last week for his heart.
IMG_6995smelling: the flowers Travis got while in the hospital, like seriously they have been around for a week and still look amazing (except for the 3 roses I had to remove) and make our whole apartment smell like a field of flowers which is I am sure awesome for Travis’ allergies.
thanking: My Warm and Cozy Tea Swap Partner for some AMAZING goodies! And we can meet up in real life! I love my ‘internet and insta’ friends but I wish I could meet them all!
considering: going to the gym today. I am jumpy with nerves from my interview and it’s either go for a run or sleep all day.
finishing: my cup of coffee. 😦
starting: a new cookbook 🙂

3 thoughts on “Currently I am…

  1. Oh poop!! You totally reminded me! I forgot about the swap and now I can’t find the email. Oh dear!! Oh poop!! Right need to go find that asap.

    I love American TV currently working my way through Pretty Little Liars. Love Doctor Who and Downton Abbey though

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