She Shares Truth- 365 days of Truth January Reflection

IMG_6641In the Month of January I read the entire book of Genesis, John, Psalms 1-17, James, Job 1-19 and Galatians 1. I admit in the past I would have failed or gotten off track in the first week. My favorite part about this journey, and it is totally a journey, is I am reading the Bible as a story but also allowing God to speak to me through the text. If something stands out I research it and pray about it. No human is guiding me in what to think or try to read out of the text each day other than myself.

In fact there were several days this month where I simply got lost in the Genesis story and read a chapter or 2 too much…Mind you I ‘know’ these stories I grew up going to church and taught children’s worship in college. But to actually read these stories from the bible and not the kid’s or Veggie Tales Version is another thing. I mean, it’s not all hunky dory on Noah’s Ark and Tamar is one bold girl. Joseph’s brothers try to kill him and decide it’s better to sell him instead. These are not stories for children they are very adult in nature.

IMG_7057Reading through this so far I have found myself realizing Abraham, Jacob and Joseph trust God so much. There is little doubt found in the book. I want to be more like that. I want to trust in Him so completely. And it is so so scary. I was raised to believe I am in charge of my fate, but to reconcile that with what the Bible says is simply impossible. I am no more in charge of my fate than the wind knows where it came from.

Are you reading the She Reads Truth 365 days of Truth?

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