TIGF- January 23


Happy Friday! It has not been a sunny or beautiful week here in Central California. Lots of clouds, HIGH humidity and fog everyday. This week I have some fun things I am grateful for!

Party Bike, 2013
Party Bike, 2013

My Husband. Travis has a condition of the heart called SVT or Supraventricular tachycardia, and it sends his heart into fits, beating up to 170 bmp. Yesterday, it went into one of these fits and wouldn’t stop. He did all the things you’re supposed to do to make it stop and it was not stopping. So, his boss sent him to the ER where he was admitted and monitored. Long story short, ( I promise to share the whole story once this is all over) he is at the hospital in preparation for surgery tomorrow AM.

IMG_6935Dog Park. After living here for 7 months I just realized there is a crude dog park within walking distance of our apartment. Asher and I went down this week to check it out and boy if only you could see the glee in his eyes! He had a wonderful time and really enjoyed playing!

IMG_6960Party. I was invited to a Stitch Fix Party in Sacramento this week. I talked my girlfriend Stacie into going with me and we had a blast! The Stylists that work there were so welcoming and very approachable, it seems like an amazing company with lots of opportunities for growth and change!

IMG_6848Library. I discovered the amazing cookbook selection at our local library this week and picked up a few books for February’s Culinary destination…Italy!

 What are you GRATEFUL for this week?

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