Our California Apartment

I never thought I would be living in California, nonetheless living in an apartment again after almost 5 years in rental homes and duplexes. It was a transition to say the least from our 2,000 square foot home in Montrose, CO to our 900 sq. foot apartment in California. We have a storage unit…never thought I would have one of those either. It mostly houses our book collection and our China from Travis’ Grandparents.

(Photos from our home in Montrose before moving to our apartment in California)

Our little apartment, is small and at times too small, or just right and it feels like a hug around us. It’s a 2 bed 2 bath 900 sq foot apartment in Northern Modesto. Our Living Room includes our tv, sound system and my husband’s desk with our iMac and record player. This is defiantly his space. The Dining Room has our Vinyl Record Case and our table, a family heirloom from Travis’ mom’s side of the family. This is my space. I work at the table on my laptop, writing blogs, editing photos, journaling, reading cookbooks and preparing meals. Our little kitchen, is just that. Little. I frequently use the dining table’s drop leaf as additional counter space. Our Guest room/extra room, is more of a sitting room for me. I use the rocker on the weekends to sit and read while Travis watches his football and american football games on tv. Our Master Bedroom is simple and lively after nearly 8 years of marriage, this room is finally coming together. The quilt was made by my mom and was a gift on our last anniversary. We don’t typically watch tv in the bedroom, it’s not good for you but we love to put something on and fall asleep to it.

The most important thing for us, is having our own space within our apartment. As much as we love each other, we love each other more when we aren’t being crowded. This is advice to couples who are moving in for the first time or downsizing. Our little apartment is small and we would love a house of our own, and one day we will but until then we have this place to hug us until then.

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