Culinary Trip Around the World- France

So, even though I already reviewed A Kitchen in France by Mimi Thorisson, this past week my husband and I embarked on a Culinary Journey around the World beginning in where else, but the culinary capital of the world… France! I used Thorisson’s French recipes to make us the ultimate French inspired meal.

Starter: Onion Tart

IMG_6706Main Course + Side: Roasted Chicken with Creme Fraiche & Herbs with Butternut Gratin


Dessert: Crepes with Salted Butter

Shopping for this meal was insanely easy. I had most of the ingredients already at home and only had to grab a bag of onions, puff pastry, creme fraiche, and some fresh herbs. In place of Comte cheese I used Gruyere, and instead of whipping cream, I used half and half.

OK, so we loved this meal but it took me close to 3.5 hours to make everything and I used store bought puff pastry because I wasn’t feeling brave enough to attempt that just yet. Prep by far took the longest, and cutting a pound of onions for the tart was the worst thing I have ever done in a kitchen. Once I started getting things into the oven, it was a breeze. The butternut gratin, was easy enough to make and was quiet tasty, we both really enjoyed it. The Roasted Chicken was very flavorful and wonderful, I made us chicken breasts because there is no reason in the world for me to make an entire chicken…I did put it under the broiler for a few minutes to get roast the cheese more like the one in the book. I couldn’t eat this way everyday.IMG_6402

I used so much oil and butter I’m sure it put my body into shock. The crepes were great, we had them about an hour and a half after dinner, and were so easy. The caramel on the other hand is not so easy. Candy is very finicky to make  and of course mine crystalized. I still have batter in the fridge and simply make a few for myself each morning and in the evening for dessert. This maybe our favorite thing is knowing we can make the batter and store in the fridge for a few days…because we aren’t going to eat 40 crepes in a day. We will be finishing the batter with fresh fruit and whip cream.


Next time I would love to try her Slow Roasted Lamb with Croquant Ratatouille, more veggies and less fats are totally our style. And maybe a loaf of french bread!

What would you have for your French Inspired Meal?? 

4 thoughts on “Culinary Trip Around the World- France

  1. I’m so boring. I’d have beouf Bourguinion or however you spell it! I love croissants, pain au chocolate, French bread and cheese. I love Port Salut when it comes to cheese. Not so keen on Brie or Camberbert but if it’s baked Camberbert where you dunk bread and bits in the melted cheese that is lovely!! Crepes are so good! My favourite filling is Nutella and banana. (Do you have Nutella in the US??)

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