Organized Blogging

It sounds like an oxymoron, organized blogging. Is it just me or do you assume a certain amount of chaos to your blogging process? I used to be just like you, then I participated in the #write31days challenge and had to blog everyday for the month of October. Planning out posts, was a must as well as staying organized. My new friend, The Creative Jayne, who I discovered during this challenge created this wonderful Blog Planner, good for an entire year!

IMG_6583 copy
There is a monthly spread with areas to write in you Goals for the Month, How many days to post, and other thoughts and ideas…I also write in birthdays in that section. Then there is a For this Month Page, a place to put all your ideas for your blog for the next month: projects to work on, this months link ups, the theme for the month, giveaways, affiliates to highlight, blogger friends to reach out to, and something new to try. Then there are weekly ideas: projects for the week, that week’s link ups, theme for the week, and giveaways. Each day has room for you to write out your title, content, tags, and photo numbers, as well as check of which social media platforms you plan to share on. [facebook, flickr, google +, instagram, pinterest, tumblr and twitter]

IMG_6563At the end of the week there is a Weekly Statistics page for you to fill out and review your blogging week; how many page views you received, weekly visitors, your most popular posts, most popular links, top keyword searches, and your top referring sites, as well as you social media numbers. Now you can review your blog growth week by week, platform by platform. At the end of your month there is another Monthly Statistics, with the same questions. Know you can see where more of your referrals came from for each week and each month.

Overall, I really like this planner. It has been keeping me organized and now I can plan post for a few weeks in advance. The only thing I dislike, and is easily remedied is there isn’t a place to write the date for each day. As you can see in the photos I have written them in but as nicely set up as this planner is, I wish there was a nice little line for the date.

Visit The Creative Jayne’s Blog, or shop her Etsy Shop!

How do you organize and plan your blog posts?


5 thoughts on “Organized Blogging

  1. I’m kind of in love with this planner. Right now I’m using a regular old 2015 planner to organize my blog posts, but I love how everything seems to be broken down in the planner you’re using!

  2. This looks like a great planner! I don’t really stay organized with blogging, haha. I’ve gotten better – especially this year – but this would help a ton!

  3. I did look for a Blog Planner but didn’t find one (clearly wasn’t looking in the right place!). In the end I got a Clipbook by Filofax and it’s doubled up as a notebook as you can fit so much in it and it lays flat better than a Filofax diary. My household stuff is on my phone but it’s handy to have the diary sheets on there too. I feel a blog post coming on…..

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