My Job Hunt Reflection 2

Ok, so since the posting of the previous reflection. I made a decision to become a Noonday Collection Ambassador, I really struggled over this for months. But once I decided I felt this wave of peace and comfort. I emailed the Ambassador Coordinator to let her know of my decision. She replied that they are updating the Ambassador kits to reflect the new Spring Line coming out and I should email her later this month. So, I jotted it down in my planner and am anxiously waiting for that day to arrive.

In the meantime, I got a very exciting email. This week I was invited for an interview for a job I applied for a few months ago. I technically live in Modesto, but I am desperate and have been applying to jobs in Stockton, Sacramento, San Jose and all over the place. This job is exciting! I would be an online stylist, but one of the caveats is applicants must live in the Sacramento Area…does living an hour and twenty minutes away count as in the area? Once training would be complete I don’t think I would need to be in everyday. Heck, I would be willing to come to Sacramento once a week if it would help me get the job. Moving to Sacramento is not going to happen. Travis’ job is here and this position I am applying too is part-time. It is what it is. I have been praying BIG prayers. I know He is capable and that His promises extend to me and I believe in those promises. But getting hurt has become all to real, No’s hurt my confidence.

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