She Shares Truth- Advent Reflection and Study Packet Review


This was the first She Reads Truth Bible Study I have ever bought the Study Packet for. And I have been reading and following SRT since the very beginning, since 2012. I remember doing the Soul Detox Study for the 1st and 2nd time. I participated in the Kickstarter for the App, which I have on my phone and use the reminder feature. I typically read the study off my computer and study from my bible, I like paper and pen, and journal. I underline, jot notes and tag scripture. My bible is full of hashtags #srtadvent2013 #biblicaljustice #hospitality #thanksgiving2013 #openyourbible #womenofthebible, etc., lots of different colors, brackets and highlights. I was so apprehensive of the study guide because I figured I had my bible, my journal…what would the study packet offer to enlighten my bible study experience. Then I got one.

The Oh Come Let Us Adore Him, Advent 2014 SRT Study Packet stunned me. It was/is gorgeous to see and to the touch. I loved the scriptures being right there at my finger tips, no searching and marking multiple verses. I loved the art work, hymns, and words of encouragement. The paper is thick, high quality. Beautifully designed and printed. I couldn’t be happier.

IMG_6020This years study on advent slowly walked the reader through the advent season, beginning with the prophesies from the Old Testament that spoke of His coming and comfort, our hearts, the Law, and the town of Bethlehem. Then we looked at the text of Zechariah being struck silent, Mary’s Annunciation, Joseph visit with Gabriel, the birth of John and finally the journey to Bethlehem. I love walking through this story each year. It reminds me that the Glory of God is in the waiting. Not just in the blessing, He has promised. I don’t wait well, I am impatient and anxious. This, this story of waiting on God to reveal Himself on earth in the form of a babe is beyond humbling to my heart and spirit. God uses this each year to remind me to rest in Him completely.

My favorite line from the study this Advent was, “It’s the audacity to believe that His promises apply to us.”

His Promises Apply To Us.

IMG_5912SRT also held their first Christmas Video Party, and Angie Smith spoke on how differently Zechariah and Mary reacted to Gabriel’s message about the pregnancies to come. Her message made me weep with tears of joy and new found understanding. I have been more like Zechariah than Mary, I disbelieved because of worldly things instead of having faith that He is bigger than my understanding. It helped that the beautiful Ellie Holcomb sang beautifully and stirred my soul in a whole new way.

IMG_6310As much as I enjoyed this study, and how beautiful the study pack is. I will be doing future bible studies from my laptop with my bible and journal. I simply prefer to write, and write and write. I like to pair my study notes with my journal form the day and scripture and words of encouragement together. If you prefer study packets and don’t like to write in your bible then you will love their study books.

I loved the Advent study, I enjoyed the study packet. But I love my journal more. I will continue to study with SRT, this community of women have been with me since I moved from Texas to Colorado Springs, to Montrose, CO and finally to Modesto, CA. Whether they know it or not they have been my consistent community.

Do you study with She Reads Truth?

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  1. Thank you so much for your review on the She Reads Truth Advent Book and study packet. I was looking for something to read this advent season, and I was excited to find your blog and hear your opinion:) Thanks again!

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