My Job Hunt Reflection 1

This will be a new on going series on my experiences and reflections of looking for a job.

Not the most glamorous of topics but I want to be honest with myself and my readers. I moved to Modesto in June 2014, and have been looking for a job since I arrived. I only recently have had a few interviews, some went really well and I thought I had the job only to be turned down and others went not so well and after leaving follow up communication; phone messages and emails I still haven’t heard anything. I have revised my resume like 3 times…I have read all the blogs on ‘How to Interview Well’, what the ‘RIGHT’ answers are to the interview questions…my policy is honesty. Be honest. If I have to lie about something to get a job then I will ultimately fail. Honesty is always the best policy for me. If they don’t like who I am, for real, or my talents then I am not going to be a good fit.

I feel like I have applied for everything from retail, to Starbucks, to county and city positions, church admin jobs and even a job in San Fransisco, Sacramento and San Jose. I have applied to every open position at my husband’s place of employment. No luck there either.

Something I have been pondering for the past 3 months is becoming a Noonday Ambassador. But the initial investment seems steep (it’s steep when you have been looking for a job for 6 months) and I am worried that since I don’t know anyone in Modesto, I won’t be able to host parties. But it is something I am passionate about. I love the idea of purchasing jewelry and artisan goods from people all over the world and giving them the opportunity to support themselves and their families by creating jewelry, clothing, and art. I am passionate about travel, art and empowering people. I love the idea of Noonday but my fear of failure is holding me back.

So, a goal in the new year is to get the job.

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