TIGF- January 2


I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t grateful for a new year. I needed a reset, and 2015 is finally here.

I am so grateful for a new year, for the reset button to be pushed. To refocus on things I need to pay more attention to and delete other things.

I love baking my own bread, for some reason or another I always stop but when I start again. I remember the joy of fresh, warm, homemade bread. Something for us to come around and feed ourselves and the act feeds my soul.

Weather. It’s been nice and wintery here in Central California this week, highs in the mid 50’s and wind so it feels much cooler. No snow or winter weather but it’s not 80 degrees.

IMG_6598Dressember. It’s over. I loved it and hated it. In the end I was wearing the dress because I had to not because I wanted to. I can’t imagine having done this in Colorado or any other colder climate. So, I am very grateful to wear pants again…although I think I will be wearing dresses more now that I challenged myself to try out so many new outfits.


to new beginnings, new challenges and new hopes

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