TIGF- December 26


I was turned down for a job at the beginning of the week, the language the interviewer used in her email to me was hurtful and I was very angry because it was a perfect job. At least in my mind, and I wouldn’t have been working with her directly. So the fact that she felt I was under-qualified still hits a nerve. With that in mind, I am thankful and grateful for so much on this last TIGF of 2014

Pinnacles NP, 2014
Pinnacles NP, 2014

my Husband. Travis is an amazing guy and I am blessed to call him husband. He understands my pain of not finding a job and being told I am under-qualified, as he has also been told his in his job searches.

IMG_6106our Home. It’s small, too small at times and at others it’s just right like a hug. It would be more awesome if we were in a house of our own but we aren’t and there is no point in dwelling on it.

Friends. My sweet sweet friends sent and gave the sweetest gifts this holiday. I find as I grow older I want less and the gifts given bring me to tears, not because of what they are but the thought put into them.

Family. Travis and I are so blessed by our families, to have come and helped us move this year. And then to return to simply come and love on us after Thanksgiving. I think we will be making a trip back to Texas this next year to see everyone we haven’t seen in a while because of the distance we are from everyone. I love living in new places and seeing new things but only seeing my best friend and sister once a year, in person, is really hard.

Christ’s Birth. I don’t want to go all ‘churchy’ on you but His birth, the advent season leading to yesterday has made the last 2 Christmases so much more bearable and enhanced my faith. When you find yourself dwelling on the blessing coming and not on the painful wait, it reveals hope you never knew you had. I put off shopping until the last minute, forgot about the craziness at some of the stores but I knew in just a little while I would be celebrating the greatest birth ever. 🙂 And that is what helps me get through this time of waiting.

One thought on “TIGF- December 26

  1. (Sorry if this is double posted! I tried to submit a comment and it’s gone!) I am so sorry to hear about the job. For one reason or another, it wasn’t the perfect fit and as much as it may be hard to see that now, I know that you’ll find something that is the perfect fit. You’re incredibly talented and even though that door closed, I know that another bigger and better one has opened. I hope that you find that opportunity sooner than later though!

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