Leanlix- lean. lickable. love. {Dog training tool review}

IMG_6176I recently received the Leanlix in ‘Day at the Beach‘ flavor from the Go Pet Friendly Newsletter and decided to product test it with Asher. First a few bits of important info, more dogs than ever are obese. We live in a society were even our dogs can indulge in too much. According to one study 54% of dogs in the US are overweight. So now comes the tricky part training treats can hide up to 40 calories in those little yummy nuggets. Seriously. Every yummy ‘good boy’ is another 40 calories. It’s time for a new high reward treat without all the calories. So, how can we use this in everyday training?

IMG_6183I  take my Leanlix with me every time Asher and I go out. Asher struggles with fear around strangers and can come off as aggressive (even though he is the biggest baby in the world), so as we go on walks I carry Leanlix with me. When we see a stranger approaching I give him the command to ‘let’s go’ give him a lick and begin walking. After we pass the stranger he gets lots of licks! My hope is we can move up to simply showing him the Leanlix and only treating after the stranger.

Asher loves the flavor, it’s easy to carry and I can wear it around my neck like a necklace. Perfect for the dog park and walks. My cats also love the Leanlix and I have been able to give them commands and treat them as well. I am not sure if the ingredients are feline appropriate but the flavor is a A+ from all my fur kids.

IMG_6209I highly recommend this product if you are working on training your dog, it lasts longer than those training treats and it’s easier to carry.

Visit Leanlix HERE or go LIKE them on Facebook, HERE!

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