Running Confession

Ok, so since my hubby got me running this summer. I have to admit I really enjoy zoning out and just moving ahead. 5K’s are insanely fun and easy and I can’t wait to race more, I mean what is the fun in running if your not going to race? I am not a particularly competitive person, but I always run better on race day! So far my best mile is 11 minutes! My best 5K is under 35 minutes! These are great goals to set and reach as a beginner!

But recently I saw something on Facebook. I kept telling myself I would never run a half marathon. No point! I love 5K’s and I am good with that. But I didn’t initially like 5K’s. It was a goal I set and then I trained and then I raced and now I love it. So when I saw that Yosemite was hosting a half marathon in October of 2015, I decided I needed to train for a half.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 1.22.41 PMSo, I informed my Nike + app to train me for a 10K for the next 8 weeks…beginner level of course. And so far I am good, I have run 3 miles and then 4 miles. (I got sidelined early into week 2 because of a head cold) Once I am done with this training track, I move up to the Half Marathon Coach Training program. I keep asking myself why this is a good idea. I’d much rather just enjoy the short race but I think I will be a better distance runner than quick short distance. (Honestly I have no idea.)

If you would like to train with me download the Nike + Running App, and add me as a friend, it helps if we are Facebook friends. (Shelby Clarke) If you would like more info on the Yosemite Inaugural Half Marathon in 2015, click HERE.

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