The Gnarly Whale Winter 2014 Scent Bath & Body Products

As an affiliate for The Gnarly Whale I was provided these products free of charge in return for a review. All opinions are my own.

Two years ago, I found out about The Gnarly Whale, via Instagram, and have used several products of theirs since then. They are made in the US, environmentally responsible, cruelty free and made with minimal ingredients. Personally, I couldn’t be happier since being chosen as an Affiliate for this business.

IMG_5860I recently requested the Make Up Remover (natural), Hair Detangler (cherry almond) and Face Toner (peppermint), in their new Winter Scents.

IMG_5906I have used the Hair Detangler over the past year or so and recently have come to use it more and more. Ever since coming to California, my hair has gotten very tangly after I wash it. So, I have developed a new hair care routine and with the Detangler I have managed to keep my hair untangled and healthy, preventing new breaks in my hair. (Read more about my Hair Routine HERE)

Make Up RemoverI am very aware of the make up I use and therefore I have become more aware of the things I use to remove my make up. The Gnarly Whale Makeup Remover is made with Earth Friendly ingredients that are good for your skin. I really enjoy the make up remover’s lack of scent. Some face washes and make up removers are too flowery, or worse yet chemically.

Toner_PeppermintThe Gnarly Whale facial toner is perfect after you have washed your face, I spritz it on and pat my face. I really love that it is alcohol free, so it doesn’t dry out my face. Once it dries I apply a moisturizer on very dry days. The toner makes my face feel refreshed and they peppermint oil really helps with that and I can tell it’s not just my face wash. The toner reapplies vital oils to my face without over doing it. I also enjoy the scent, how many face products can you say you LOVE the smell of?

Interested in getting some yummy The Gnarly Whale product for yourself or someone you love this holiday season? Click the link below! And use the code:


for 20% off your order! Just for you my reader!

Have you ever tried The Gnarly Whale? What product would you try? What scent is your favorite?

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