TIGF- December 5


Belated Thanksgiving. We celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday after Travis’ mom arrived. We had roasted a chicken, green bean casserole, homemade cranberry sauce, roasted potatoes, and rolls. It was a fabulous meal that fed us for several days!

National Parks. While my MIL was here we visited a new National Park, Pinnacles National Park and had a great time hiking and crawling through a cave! We also visited The Presidio in San Fransisco while she was here! I had never seen Golden Gate before so this was pretty cool!

Family. Last Friday I picked up my MIL from the airport and took her back on Wednesday. Today I am picking up my parents from the airport! Lots of family coming out to see us! I am just sad it rained for a good portion of my MIL’s trip with us.

Feeling better. I was fighting a cold all last week! It finally gave a reprieve on Saturday when our adventures really began!

Although, I didn’t get the job in San Fransisco that I really wanted they were kind enough to let me know they had selected a candidate and would keep my info on file. I also heard from the church regarding the office assistant job and since they are trying to figure out what exactly that job is going to look like I may not know anything until 2015. I have been pondering becoming a Noonday Collection Ambassador but still have mixed feelings about it. I mean I don’t know a lot of or really a variety of women here in town. I know this would be a good way to get to know people but I have become terrified of failing. Not a good thing but I need something…just not sure what it is.

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