TIGF- November 14

IMG_0085Things I am Grateful For this week, I struggled this week. Over the last weekend I applied to a job in San Fransisco that I really want. And as of today (thursday at 11 am) I haven’t heard anything. But here are my things I am grateful for this week.

Facetime with Patricia. I was finally able to meet up Patricia my Peony Project Accountability Partner via Facetime! It was pretty awesome to be talking to someone 16 hours ahead of me.IMG_5722

Netflix, Rain and Crochet. This week was fairly cloudy, rainy and made for perfect weather to sit on the couch re watch Sherlock and crochet some boot cuffs. More or less a way to distract myself from not hearing anything from that job application. I am worried that I will only be disappointed when I don’t get it. ugh, life is hard.

And even through the hard times, look, I am still finding things to be grateful for.

6 thoughts on “TIGF- November 14

  1. Ugh, the wait to hear about a job is always agonizing. Glad you are distracting yourself. I always tend to start a project while waiting (it can even be as simple as researching the best way to roast a chicken or cleaning out a closet) so I feel like I accomplish something even if the job doesn’t pan out. Good luck!

  2. Netflix is something I’m always grateful for! I hope you hear back soon! I know how hard it is to wait on that kind of stuff and nothing makes it easier. Sometimes it’s just bit more bearable because you’re distracting yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰

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