My Community

Community– def. a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

My community is small. You see I am an introvert, not as introverted as my husband but I am not as extroverted as my sister. I like to think I am a nice balance. I prefer small groups of 10 or less people. And I prefer to observe everyone before approaching. I know it sounds weird but ask an introvert, we all do this. My community is many things, childhood friends, blogging friends and new friends along the journey. My community, my people are a small intimate group. They don’t even all know each other.


My constant friend has always been Kendra. We go all the way back to 2nd grade. We were roommates in college and she was my maid of honor at my wedding. This girl has been in my life for over 20 years. And I love her.


When we lived in Waco, my community was my UBC Mi Casa. Those people are my Waco Family. I love each of them dearly and miss them so much. Our Mi Casa was a home for my heart. They were what made me finally feel at home in Waco, after a constant series of painful events. They gave church meaning to me again. No matter what was happening it never failed they constantly supported us and prayed for us.

IMG_2919In Colorado, my community was my friends Rachael and Liz. And they don’t know one another. Rachael and I met on Craigslist, (Girls remember to ALWAYS meet people in public spaces) and have been good friends for over 2 years. The coffee shop we met had closed at 3 in the afternoon. Our 11 am coffee date lasted until they had asked us to leave to lock up shop. She know lives in Phoenix with her husband and we talk regularly. She is a True Friend, a Sister Spirit.

My friend Liz and I met volunteering at a local Animal Rescue. She had just moved to Colorado from Pennsylvania and was going to be marrying her fiancé in December in Estes Park. Liz and her fiancé were amazing to my husband and me when we were technically homeless for a month and a half before he got his job in Montrose. The girls I worked with during this time, all lived in Denver and traveled down to work. I didn’t exactly fit in with the girls at church. They were very outspoken in their beliefs and in an effort to not ‘rock the boat’ I decided to keep my mouth shut and my opinions to myself. I am not sure I would have been truly accepted if I told them what I believed in my heart.

Me and Liz, Dec 2013
Me and Liz, Dec 2013

Here in California, my community is my friend and She Reads Truth Bible Study buddy Stacie. Our weekly get together at our local Starbucks encourage me through the week. We are both going through our own things but it’s amazing how our past experiences are able to give us insight into each others current situations. How we live, show love to one another, pray for each other and lift up one another through the week. I share my book look blogger books with her, and she sends me YouTube Videos that I binge watch during lunch.

I have another community I have developed recently, a group of women from all over the US and World for that matter that encourage and support me through my blog. These women help me know what I write is important. What I say is worth every key stroke. My Lifestyle Blogging Tribe is amazing group of women from the US and abroad. I love that we can get to know one another (via Google Hangouts) and encourage each other through writers block and celebrate life and business together! Then I have my accountability partner from The Peony Project (The Peony Project is a community for women who love Jesus, love blogging, and are looking for a common space to share ideas, encourage one another, and make real, honest friendships with one another), Patricia, from the Philippines is an amazing reminder that God is working through us all. We pray for one another, and speak truth even if we are 15 hour apart.


Who is YOUR community? What makes up your community?

7 thoughts on “My Community

  1. I don’t think I can even put into words how much I love this post! Having that community is SO important, and I am so glad to be even a small part of yours. Working with you on my blog and getting to know you through the group has been incredibly encouraging for me to pursue some of the things I’ve been hesitant to do. My community is fairly small, the tribe and my husband, along with a select group of friends – which for the most part, I’m okay with. But this post reminded me to expand my reach a little bit more and put myself out there to grow my community. Thank you for that!

  2. I have a couple different communities. Of course I have my family. But also I have my group from high school, my church friends, my mom friends, my gym/fitness buddies, and also my blog friends. So important to have support and build relationships.

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