TIGF- November 7


Happy Friday! Is it really friday again? Wow, the days are getting shorter, and the weeks too…and only 6 weeks until Christmas…holy bologna!

Schedule. I pulled out my big calendar this week in an attempt to organize myself, my home, my blog and my pet sitting. I wanted to carve out time to sit and write. Which is harder than it looks. I have to unplug from social media and be undistracted. So I made plans and have been sitting at Starbucks at my local Barnes and Noble writing for 2 hours every other day.

Running. I started running again this week. It’s been over a month since I have gone on a run. And my 1st time back on the treadmill, I pounded out 3.1 in 33 minutes. I was amazed when my ‘coach’ informed me of one mile, then two and I couldn’t believe my pace. I hit a great stride and it was wonderful.

Vote. I am so grateful for the men and women who stood up and worked towards women’s suffrage. Although, we still aren’t equal we are still making great stride in that effort. I am grateful to have been able to cast a vote in this year’s mid term elections.

 The Dog Park. Asher loves the dog park, well, ok he likes it. The dog park in Colorado Springs was a really awesome dog park, 5 acres with a natural stream running through it. So all other dog parks fall short of this one. But now that we don’t have a yard any more, this is one of the few places I can take him off leash, legally. He was so happy to run and chase and play fetch.

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