TIGF- October 31

IMG_0085Thanks a Latte Exchange. This week I received my #thanksalatte2014 exchange package from my partner in Jacksonville, Alabama! She sent me a sweet and fun filled box!

Shelby Clarke BlogBeing told No. So this one requires some explaining, I am looking for a job here in our new town and not having much luck. I never would have imagined a 28 year old with a bachelor’s degree would be so unhireable. But knowing the right thing will come along is why I am grateful for the No’s.

31 days 600x600Finishing the 31 day challenge! I wrote a post for every single day in October. I deserve a glass, heck a bottle, of wine and a chocolate bar for my achievements!

CCF38BA5-8647-4655-B79B-726BB1C30AB8Peony Pal. I ‘met’ my new Project Peony Partner this week via email! It’s amazing how much alike we are! I am so excited for our friendship and growth! Visit her blog, HERE

Β What are you grateful for this week?

6 thoughts on “TIGF- October 31

  1. Although hearing no is pretty much never a good feeling at first, I think most (if not all) of my nos have turned into something bigger and better. It’s a good feeling πŸ™‚ Cute items from the exchange, too!

  2. P.s. Don’t forget. God says don’t worry about the future and he knows the plans that he had for you. Something will come your way when the time is right. I have a BA Honours degree and really struggled to get work here too.

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