Building my Business, day 31- Reflection

31 Days Header

So, it’s been 31 days.

The journey is over.

About half way through this month as I was praying over my business, for God to give me guidance and help me make decisions for my business I heard  Him say, “let it go”

I was like, “Umm that isn’t what I had in mind God. I wanted wisdom to grow my business, what am I letting go of?”

“Let it go”

Me: “Let go of what? The stress in marketing? The networking? What?”

“Let it go.”

That is when I realized this season is over. After the success I had in Colorado, I was never meant to move my photography here to California. He has bigger things for me to handle. That doesn’t mean I am putting down my camera for good. No, I am simply going to stop referring to myself as a photographer. I am going to continue to seek out what He wants me to achieve here. I have met a lot of lovely ladies blogging lately and contrary to my photography that is actually paying me.

I have literally been dragging my photography with me across the US with every move we have made. And now, at the end of this 31 days challenge I know I was never meant to try and make it work. So, I will keep my site going until it expires, and take any sessions that come along but this is the beginning of the end. I never thought it would, I thought I would become a full time, professional, sustainable business owner. I have learned so much over the years and am so glad for the journey. I hope you will stick around and see where I go next.


6 thoughts on “Building my Business, day 31- Reflection

  1. it is interesting how God will redirect our path in ways we didn’t imagine – So glad that He gave you the guidance you needed. I am still on the What is next in my life and I am completely confused and praying for His hand to guide me. Great post!

  2. HI, I have been trying trying to comment so I gave up and put a comment on the 31 Dayers. I will try again. I read your post and really felt kinship. I felt so sure God had called me to write something, but it would hurt family members. I found out that later. Now I have to backtrack too, and find God’s will for my writing. I know He has a bigger yes for both of us. I will be praying for you.

  3. I’ve been trying to find time to comment on this post for a few days now and finally found the time to sit down and properly respond. I just wanted to say that I respect this decision SO much. I believe in your work and honestly I believe you did an incredible job with your photography, but I have been in your shoes – needing to figure out where to turn and not always being willing to let go. Good for you for deciding what you need in your life and moving forward with a hard, but obviously worthwhile decision. I cannot wait to see where you go from here!

    1. Thank You Ashley, that means so much to me. Not everyone has been as accepting of my decision. But I need photography to be for me again. I have no idea what is ahead, but there are a lot of open paths before me.

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